"Great initiative to help immigrants and women. Should be more organizations like that!"

"Chingari is a wonderful platform that connects woman to resources and a supportive community. The work that they are doing is truly inspiring!"

"This is an amazing initiative and I would love to be a part of this community and also to give back truly to help other women."

"This is the best initiative for promotion and enlightenment of women"

"Thank you Chingari for your service and support to people in need and specially for youth! Good luck"

"Helping the spark of any woman to grow bright has a ripple effect of lighting a beacon for others. Chingari creates women leaders who will serve as a role model for other generations in years to come.""

Founder Story

Chingari was founded by Mahwish Yousaf, a single mother who faced many challenges coming from Pakistan at the age of 19, and settling in a new country and society. She didn't have enough knowledge about her legal rights in Pakistan and North America. She experienced that most of the resources were scattered and she didn't know where to seek help. Lack of community support was another challenge. She didn't know divorce, custody and inheritance rights and she faced many hardships and injustice by others.

Mahwish wants to provide a platform for local and immigrant women so that they can educate themselves about their rights and learn how they can become self-sufficient. Her team will provide information on business skills, legal rights, personal security, and crisis management. She has learned many things through the challenges she faced throughout her life, and she wants to help other women so they don't have to face similar challenges. They can become leaders of new generations, and share their light and knowledge with others.

Our Team

Mahwish Yousaf
Anita Koralewicz
Irfan Reayat
Adil Imtiaz
Rodica V
Ashiya Khan-Sequeira
Samira Shariati
Jordan Kroll
Eric Mikulin
Nayara Soares
J Lin
B Chugg

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